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Capitol Punishment Photo of the Night: R-Truth has water thrown at him by a ‘Little Jimmy’ at Capitol Punishment. 

Capitol Punishment Photo of the Night: R-Truth has water thrown at him by a ‘Little Jimmy’ at Capitol Punishment. 

Just like any other Superstar. Or… “Sports Entertainer”…
CM Punk (via kazoos-rule)
Capitol Punishment predictions

1: World Heavyweight Championship-Randy Orton (c) vs Christian

Christian wins. I had a discussion with a friend that if Orton was gonna be on SD! he or Christian had to turn heel. I was expecting Orton to do the heel turn, but instead Christian did which is good for him because he’s a better heel champion.

2: WWE Championship-John Cena (c) vs R-Truth

R-Truth is finally getting a push into the championship picture which is good because he deserves it. Unfortunately, he’s gonna fall short. However, expect R-Truth to shine in a losing effort. Cena wins.

3: US Championshp-Kofi Kingston (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

I’m giving this to Dolph. This is the beginning of Ziggler’s rise to the WWE title. He’s my pick to win Money In The Bank. Dolph is next in line to get that Miz-like push to the top.

4: Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio

I want to give this to Big Show as a “getting revenge” angle, but I see Del Rio winning. Big Show is gonna put Del Rio over thus thrusting him WWE Title contender category with Miz, Dolph, Punk, etc.

5: Intercontinental Championship-Wade Barrett (c) vs Ezekiel Jackson

Zeke wins. Jackson was suppose to be a viable championship contender on RAW, but injuries keep him away from it. Defeating Barrett will put him in the hunt for a World Title shot. Expect him to mix it up with the likes of Sheamus in the near future.

6: The Miz vs Alex Riley

It’s only right that Miz makes Alex Riley into a household name. Riley’s getting over with the crowd really well. I was very impressing with his in-ring skills during his time in NXT. Expect this match to Riley’s breakout match. Riley wins.

7: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

Apparently, Punk is coming towards the end of tenure, (personally, I disagree, but this is what the rumor mill is telling me) and this match will be the start of his last run at the WWE Title. I see the R-Truth/Cena rivalry ending at Capitol Punishment and The New Nexus gunning after Cena on RAW this Monday. Punk wins.

  • Breakout Performance of the Night: Alex Riley
  • Match of the Night: Orton vs. Christian